Pearl Cordyceps Pai Feng Wang    

“Pearl Cordyceps Pai Feng Wan" is a high-value medicine for the treatment of especially anemia and feebleness. The pills contain Cordyceps and Pearls Blended with Radix Astragli, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, and Prepared Radix Rehmanniae etc. Constant comsumption helps ladies to replenish energy and strength and glow with feminine vigor and attractiveness; and serves as high grade health care product for modern woman.


Nourishing Blood and Stamina, Nurturing-Ying and Sustaining Youthful Countenance. It is suitable for female Asthenia and Anaemia, Pallor, Giddiness, Dizziness, Involuntary Perspiration."Ying" Deficiency, Panting, Palpitation, Malnutrition in Post - Delivery, Chill feeling in Uterus, Abdominal Distension and Aching etc.


For general health, two or three times weekly, one bottle each time. For women suffering from of anemia and feebleness, two bottles daily during morning and evening with warm water.

CAUTION: Avoid taking raw or cold food.

PACKAGE: Six bottles each box.




Pearl Cordyceps Pai Feng Wang  

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